AppDevPoint: Cross-Platform Native Mobile Development

Code once, run many. Natively!

Welcome to AppDevPoint!

AppDevPoint is a free cross-platform development tool for developing native applications for different platforms without rewriting the business logic code but maintaining the speed and appearance of the OS.

This cross-platform development tools was created specially for mobile development but can be used for desktop development as well.


  • Database Abstraction
  • Hardware Abstraction
  • User Interface (UI) Abstraction
  • Programming Language Abstraction 


AppDevPoint manages the common code of your builds; the user interface is done in the native IDE.

This methodology guarantees a complete separation between the interface and business rules.


  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows (WinForms, WPF)

Why Native?

Native code is more secure because it can be obfuscated so your intellectual property is protected. With HTML+CSS+JavaScript the source code is placed in the HTML so it is easily accessible (even if minimized) and may be tampered with using JavaScript injection (read more).
Native code allows a complete separation between the UI and the business rules. With HTML+CSS+JavaScript the business rules are inserted into the HTML.